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Inventory Consulting

Let us help you reduce inventory and operations cost!

"Our mission is to help your company
lower inventory costs, increase on time deliveries and reduce operations cost."

Manufacturing Education & Systems is dedicated to providing exceptional consulting, education and software services. Our experience is based on many years of improving operational performance, reducing costs and increasing company profit. We can quickly review your operations and make recommendations to improve operational and financial performance. We have over 120 years of inventory and materials management experience. We have instructed materials management, cost reduction and APICS CPIM classes throughout the United States to thousands of managers and employees. Our technical experience includes MRP & ERP software implementations and supply chain solutions.

We are a dedicated and driven group of experienced consultants that can help deliver solutions quickly and effectively. Contact us. Our rates are very competitive and we can help your organization achieve higher levels of operational and financial performance. We will work hands on with your organization to make your company more profitable.

If you are serious about improving your operational performance, contact us.

Phone (316) 655-8748 or (909) 731-1120 or EMAIL US!
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