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Upgrade My Listing!

To upgrade your company listing contact us!
CALL (316) 655-8748 or email

We'll work for you 24 x 7 to help increase sales.
Receive top tier visibility for only $795.00 per year!!

  • Premium Listing
    Premium listings appear in the top tier of search results when buyers & engineers search our database. Your company logo is displayed alongside your company information providing a professional look to your listing. Annual premium listings begin at $795.00.

  • Preferred Listings
    Preferred Listings are shown on search results right below our premium listings. Preferred Listings begin at $395.00 per year.

  • Margin Advertising
    We place a limited number of company links in the left margin of our website. Margin advertising provides constant visibility and link to your company website. Margin advertising begins at $100.00 per month, six month minimum.

  • Parts, Materials, Tooling & Equipment
    We provide the capability to advertise specific raw materials, parts, tooling and equipment that you might have for sale. A great opportunity to advertise surplus materials and equipment. Advertise specific parts, materials, equipment & tooling for only $795.00 per year.

  • Standard Listing
    Our standard listing is free.
We appreciate your interest in advertising with us and we will work to increase your company exposure, gain new customers and increase sales. Thank you again! Please feel free to give us a call.

Gene Brockmeier, President

For more information, contact us.
(316) 655-8748
or email

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